Who let the Dogs out? CryptoRick AMA

The Token Kennel Ecosystem

Today we are joined by Crypto Rick, A Crypto Influencer and Analyst that also serves as an advisor to the exciting new Token Kennel Project. Joining us today and discussing one of the most exciting new platforms launched across Crypto. The Token Kennel looks to provide a “home” for the many exciting new projects that are looking to enter the Decentralized space.

Stay tuned and pay close attention, this is an AMA you do not want to miss!


MoonWilly Founder and CEO Kevin have managed to bring on the head of the Crypto Rick brand and a Key Advisor from one of the most exciting new projects across Crypto! The Token Kennel is looking to offer a number of extremely exciting features to all its users. Ranging from high APR returns, a number of Staking pools, intuitive Community voting rights as well as an ICU process. The next generation of Launchpads is here!

Joined by many bullish fans and community members on the Official MoonWilly Radio Hour at 18:00 UTC on the 7th September 2021. We have our questions lined up and are eager to hear about this phenomenal new project. Ready for an in-depth conversation, to discuss all things Crypto and speak on the future of the Token Kennel project.

Stay tuned, this is going to be a good one!


Crypto Rick comes across a lot of projects in his work throughout the Cryptocurrency Space. When he actively pursues and assists a project, you know it’s going to be something worth looking into!

The Token Kennel combines a number of attractive and interesting staking concepts that are yet to be seen across Crypto. With some interesting application of transactional costs, as well as inherent staking through the interesting new IUO or Initial Utility Offering process.

The Token Kennel team believes it has found the answer to the classic post-sale dip that Crypto Investors have grown accustomed to. Alongside a number of additional features and some interesting additions on the horizon.

This interview with Crypto Rick and a deep dive into the Token Kennel project is one that you do not want to miss out on!

Formal Questions

Host: Tell us how you got started in Crypto? Your entrance into the space and your journey since then?

Rick: I got into Crypto in early 2017 right before the last bull run. People were still very sceptical and had no idea what I was talking about.

I was playing around with it but I sorta fell in love with the whole aspect of it. But the thing that really jumped out at me, more than the money. Early 2017, things were good but not Bullrun good.

But the way you could meet people from all around the world. Different cultures and different people, that was something that really captured me. The people connection!

Host: That’s incredible to hear that it was really the Crypto community that made you want to stick around and get involved and I can see why that might be a major influence to make you lead your own community?

Rick: Exactly. That is sorta what happened. I just jumped in, I fell in love. I just started spreading the love. Be it my grandma, my brother, my cousins. Their cousins. I just wanted to talk to anyone that would listen to Crypto. And that is really what just led to me turning on the camera and talking about Crypto!

Host: That’s awesome to hear. It really is. I guess it was only the next logical step to slap your name on there and build up your brand. But in a world of decentralization and with many people trying to avoid revealing who they really are. Was it just your personality that got you to get in front of the camera and do this?

Rick: Pretty much, yeah. I think maybe in the beginning I was a little naive. All about privacy and things like that. The more I thought about it, it just didn’t bother me to put my name and my face out there. And that is something I try to make people understand about every project I’m involved in.

Host: It has been quite a journey for you. And you’ve got a pretty sizable following. Have you still got that same passion since the days you began? Are you as passionate as you are now as you always have been?

Rick: Absolutely. To me, this isn’t my job. I have a regular 9 to 5 still. I’ve got a family, I’ve got kids. This is my me-time. Chance to talk about something that I love to talk about. My family is sick of hearing about it!

Host: You might be juggling a family and a 9 to 5. But you still output a lot of content. One thing that I noticed is that your videos start off with a cool little animation. “Crypto Rick hunting Crypto opportunity.” How long did it take you to come up with that? Are you a hunter? Do you feel as though that is your purpose? To find and present a Crypto opportunity?

Rick: Definitely. That is what I really love to do. Hunt the projects that nobody has really heard of yet. For me, that is the really awesome part of what I’m doing. Finding these projects whether they’re pre-sale, staked. Projects that people don’t know about.

It isn’t as fun for me to make a video about Cardano as it is to make a video about MoonWilly, for example. People often get caught up sometimes. In the reality of it, if you’re going to get involved in these projects super early. They’re a lot riskier than these Top 50, Top 100s from CoinGecko. But the largest upsides also exist here. You’re not going to go 100x this year but you can easily go 100x on some meme coin. That’s what really drives me and gets me going.

That’s where the real creativity comes in. There are huge innovations across this sector. I do love new stuff. I love hunting the new stuff. Presale opportunities, stuff that is fair launch. Tiny market caps with HUGE upside potential.

I don’t get excited to make videos about huge projects but rather about finding stuff before anybody else knows that exists and show that to people so they can jump in and do their research early.

Host: That is so refreshing to hear. They are definitely riskier but the outsized returns for the ones you are covering on your channel are just not going to happen with the Mainstreet type of Cryptocurrencies.

Do you get a lot of nice feedback? Does the community come back and thank you?

Rick: Oh yes, yes, definitely! These are the sort of projects that can change your life overnight. You see those 10, 20, 50x tokens. Those are only good when you get in early and get ready to take the risk.

That’s something I like to try to make people understand. You can’t expect to hit 100x without also expecting to drop to 0. You’re going to get rugged, projects are going to fail, things are going to go wrong. There might be bugs. There are all sorts of bugs that could happen but just knowing that risk before you jump in and making calculated moves and not going into any singular token.

I mean, when you 100x something. That’s a game-changer. You put a 100 bucks and it goes 100x. That’s that Lambo money.

Host: The content you put out is far more than just entertaining. I have to ask. Because I know you are in on some things. Maybe I’m just asking for an exclusive.

Do you have a cool token for me? A coin that is doing really well and has a great use case?

Rick: Absolutely. Besides MoonWilly, there’s this other token out there that I want everyone to know about. I’m actually an advisor for them. The project is called Token Kennel.

We’re currently on the Binance Smart Chain. Just launched on Kucoin. We’ve got Matic coming soon. We’re looking to launch on all the Ethereum-based blockchains out there that use the same smart contracts.

It is an innovative staking platform. So it allows any project to create a staking pool that is so much different from other staking pools out there. It is an IUO Launchpad. One of the first-ever IUO Launchpads out there.

IUO stands for Initial Utility Offering because all the presale tokens that are held there will be distributed, staked and earning a great APY. This greatly reduces any post-listing dumps that we see from most pre-sales.

The coolest part about that is that the tokens that utilize the IUO platform will have tokenomics built into the contract that automatically feed the APY pool for the stakers as well. That’s a nice little twist right there.

We have an IUO starting on the 10th of September. We are super excited about that. All sorts of stuff coming out of Token Kennel. The project itself is a microcap right now. 500k Marketcap. A ton of use cases with a number of big protocols using our platform.

Our community actually created a SafeMoon Pool. The community can work towards creating staking pools for any platform that they want. A lot of opportunities with that project, tremendous upsides.

Host: Sounds to me like you’re giving me a little bit of insight into many other tokens through the Token Kennel project. Looks like there are several golden opportunities listed through the platform. Inside Token Kennel.

Is that where the name Kennel comes from?

Rick: Exactly! Who out there has heard of DogeCoin? When dogs have nowhere else to go, we put them in the Kennel! That’s exactly where that came from. It’s a home for all the Dogs from all the Blockchain. You can put them in there, we’ll help them out and you can get involved.

Host: The logo itself. Is that a dog walking away from me or is it looking at me with his ears?

Rick: Neither! Hahaha! It is a Dog House! It’s a Kennel! A dog walking away from you, I really like that one!

Host: A good logo is a very important part of any project. Simple and iconic.

The industry as a whole. There is a lot of different staking platforms out there. We’ve covered and AMA’d a lot of other staking platforms.

They can really be a dime a dozen but what makes Token Kennel better for Stakers and for projects?

Rick: In my opinion, it is better for both Stakers and for projects for a number of reasons. The pools at the Token Kennel never end. They are self-sustaining and self-sufficient to a degree. There is a 10% fee for deposits and withdrawals when you’re looking to stake or unstake. Boarding or unboarding as we call it.

All those fees go directly to the Ethereum pool for those that remain staked. Lots of rewards and incentives and a very attractive APY that is set to draw the community and keep them there!

Many of the other projects out there will require a block start and a block end and that’s it. That’s what it is. Our proposition looks to further increase the APY. Basically, the stronger your hands the stronger you’re going to earn.

If the rewards get too low, the projects themselves can look to alter this by sending additional tokens. Every 2 weeks, the token kennel actually has a vote where the Token Kennel actually buys back these assets. That is sort of like a community-driven initiative.

As you can imagine this really changes the game for both projects and stakers.

Many of the other staking projects will pay rewards out daily that will keep sell pressure on the exchange. The Token Kennel, on the other hand, will look to auto compound you daily. But to withdraw those funds will require you to pay the transaction. So that will stop the sell pressure!

Host: That is pretty genius! Most farms or pools will have people immediately pulling funds and selling. Resulting in sell pressure. I love what you’ve done with the auto compounding. That is truly genius!

Have you been inspired or heard of this elsewhere?

Rick: I have not heard of anybody else out there doing it. Right now we do have a number of major competitors but none of them has any features that are even remotely close. Between the sort of pools, we offer the auto compounding, APY returns. Real game-changers. It sort of forces people to have diamond hands.

In Crypto, there are so many times where you see a little pump and people sell. It really makes you think twice if you know you’re going to have to face that 10% fee. It will really make you rethink whether or not you want to pull out and sell.

Host: The Token Kennel is really offering some very attractive APYs. Even well down at the bottom, 180% returns. That’s crazy.

Is it due to that function? Are people withdrawing going right into the APY? Is that why they’re able to stay so high even after why?

Rick: That is exactly why. The design of the program working. Looking back at one of our first projects, this is their original pool and it is still going. There are about 100 thousand dollars of this asset staked. As people get impatient with this smaller APY when they onboard it further increases the APY again.

More attractive for new stakers and really beneficial for those that are still staked. It’s been huge for that project in particular and our platform as a whole.

Host: Let’s say that I wanted to start a project of Token Kennel and this IUO project. What do you offer these new projects? What does Token Kennel offer in terms of support and even after the sale? Is it just onboard and then up to them to keep it going? Is there any support afterwards?

Rick: There is a ton of support before, during and after the sale during the IUO platform. That is what separates the Token Kennel from a lot of these other Launchpads out there. They will help you Launch and that’s it. You’re on your own.

With the Token Kennel Launchpad. We can handle everything for you. Even if you don’t know how to make the contract, the Token Kennel will make the contract for you. Get it listed. Get is distributed. The Tokens will also have an immediate use case because your Token will have a use case on launch. Already staked, already earning. Why would people pull out?

They’re not going to pull out right after the presale because they’re earning like 800% APY on Launch. The Post-sale token price doesn’t dip as you’d normally expect.

We also have the community voting. So there will always be an opportunity for a project to be able to get a community buyback through the Token Kennel.

Host: So it is a community vote on where the buybacks go?

Rick: Correct. You will use the Kennel Token to be able to back your favourite community vote. You don’t lose the token, they just stay in there until you take them out. That’s your vote. After a two week cycle, the winning project will get a buyback.

That is 10% off Kennel Revenue in that time period. A minimum of 500 dollars that we will do. The next IUO is coming up. That could be a 5 thousand dollar plus buyback for the winning vote.

Host: This is certainly quite a unique opportunity! Almost every project that we’ve seen through launch, pumps up real big and the nose dives. You’re telling me that this IUO shall surpass that post listing dump.

Could you give me a little bit more information on that, as an investor?

Rick: When you buy into a traditional pre-sale. There are multiple rounds to that. The earliest rounds are often the buddies of the project. They’ll get the best pricing. On listing, you’ll roughly be getting like 20 to 30 per cent profit on any of the presale rounds. The people getting in even earlier will be getting even more.

And people do that. They jump from presale to presale off that 20% profit. Many people do this and it is very bad for the project as a whole. It creates that sell pressure creates that panic sell, creates a FUD storm in your newly launched Token Telegram. If it’s not only up, people love to lose their minds.

That’s why we looked at our platform and asked ourselves how we could stop that. That is why a lot of these projects are looking to do fair launches. Not because these fair launches are better, because a project doesn’t have any funds until then.

The cause of a pre-sale or having any kind of investment round or startup. For a company to be successful they need money. So we wanted to help them do that without hurting the people that might be looking to buy into the presale.

So we decided to combine that without staking platform. Any token that is purchased in presale, any round. Because the Token Kennel creates the contract, we handle it all. It is very, very safe for the buyers. Any tokens during the presale are sold already staked, already earning APY.

Investors need to go in and make the conscious decision to stop earning very, very impressive APY in order to sell at listing and also pay that 10% onboarding fee to do so. It really does slow down that post-listing sale.

You will always have the ones that do it. Of course. But it slows it down mathematically, just based on the mathematics of it!

Host: From the projects you’ve got listed on the Token Kennel. Which of these are you most excited about?

Rick: There’s actually Two tokens listed that look awesome. There’s one on there called Deez Mutts. If you’re looking for an actually tiny Microcap. It was our first ever IUO that started off as a meme.

Now they’ve started their very own swap opportunity. Multi-chain swaps through a single platform. In addition to a lot of exciting lottery stuff whereas users can win their own tokens and a number of partner tokens.

They haven’t announced that, so you guys have gotten the alpha on this one. Their APY is currently 400%. That is one you should definitely keep your eye on.

The other one is GameX. Since they’ve launched they’ve hit roughly 10x. The people that have bordered with us have effectively tripled their amount of tokens. That’s essentially 30x.

They’re looking to release another Pay to Earn title in the near future.

Upcoming from us is MagicNFTs. They actually got the licensing from an existing MMORPG. That is a Massive Multiplayer Online Multiplayer Role-Playing game. They’re actually changing and altering it so that you can actually earn Cryptocurrencies purely from just playing games.

I’ve tried it out. It’s fully working and functional. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can generate out there.

As we know. The gamification stuff. Play to Earn. Is a hugely growing segment so I am very excited about that segment.

Host: A lot of the projects you cover are very interesting to follow and watch how they perform. Do you have any kind of screening process? Do many projects approach you with their offering and you take a look and ultimately reject them?

Rick: I’ve easily turned down more projects that I take. I’m sure Kevin can easily relate with Cryptopedia. We get an insane amount of people messaging us, some of them are very obvious Money Grabs and Scams. I try to talk to the Creators of every project at least for a little while and just ask some questions.

Just to see where their knowledge is at and even if they’d be able to successfully execute what they say they’re going to do. I’ve even said yes to a project I should’ve said no to, in hindsight. I mean they say the right things and sell it great. But when you’re going in on pre-sale, you’re going to take some L’s once in a while.

Host: As you’ve gone on. You’ve done this for some time now. Have you looked back on something that changed your checking process? Maybe a part of the contract or something like that?

Rick: Bitconnect!!! Yes, yes definitely. I’m not even ashamed to say it. Bitconnect is one of the first projects I ever did coverage on. I, much like many others, got sucked into it. I made a good amount of money from a very short amount of money from it. But unfortunately, all saw how that ended.

I quickly pivoted away from all that Lending style of things. There were many similar projects, scam after scam. But now we’re in this auto-renew distribution world, there are a few things we look at. The minting ability, you can’t have that minting ability at all. Liquidity locked, but is it actually?

A lot of these projects will do a fair launch and lock their 2 dollars in liquidity but will have liquidity and add a feature that will send the LP to their Deployer address so it looks like they’ve locked liquidity but a lot of their liquidity is able to be pulled at any time.

There are a lot of things that I like to look at before saying yes to anything. If a project has a minting feature then it doesn’t mean I won’t cover it. Many projects do need their own mint feature. I need to look at it, ask the right questions and get the right answers.

Host: It does seem like you have a decent amount of criteria that people and tokens must meet before tokens hit your channel.

Rick: Correct. One of the things that I’m really grateful for is the fact that you’re able to build relationships with these developers and people. They’ll build one project and another one and another one. I’ll get tapped on the shoulder from time to time and it really has opened a lot of opportunities for us to find early projects.

As I said, a lot of risks the earlier you get in. But the biggest opportunity for 10, 20, 50, 100x gains. One of the most important things that I want people to understand is to never just jump in blindly.

Just because it’s passed my quick review, deep review or whatever. It just means that you should take your time, do your research. Because when you hit the buy button you know that you hit the buy button and no one else did that for you!

Host: The Youtube Channel is doing well. With around 70 thousand subscribers. Do you have any goals going into the future months?

Rick: Compared to many other people. I don’t really pay much attention to the subscribers, to be honest. I don’t really pay attention to those things or have any milestones.

I aim to get into the upcoming years and find exciting new projects before people realize. That’s my goal. I love finding these things before other people are talking about them. When I can post things on Youtube and I see CryptoTwitter talking about it two days later, that’s my goal!

Selected Questions from the Community

Question #1: The staking never ends with many stakers staking in the staking pool. Will the APR ever decrease?

Rick: Yes, with any staking pool out there it operates on these basic mathematical relationships. It’s the staking pool divided by the number of Tokens in there. Those are being staked.

The thing that separates what we’re doing is that we have abilities to increase the APY again. Both through the 10% unboarding and boarding fees, as 100% of those go into the reward pool.

In addition to projects being able to bump up the rewards once again as well as the Kennel Vote that allows the communities to use their Kennel Token holdings to vote for their project wins.

That project that wins will encounter a buyback that is set to further increase the staking pools APY once again!

Question #2: In regards to your plans for Global expansion?

Rick: That is a really interesting question. I am a U.S Citizen. I speak English although those in England might beg to differ!

Global expansion is something that is definitely important to us. We are currently working on a number of things. We’re looking to grow our community across other regions around the world. In their native languages for they to ask the questions that they want to ask.

Google Translate just isn’t the same. That is a part of the plan. We are actually working on some Top Secret stuff as well to potentially break into some other Global Reaches with the Token Kennel and the Kennel Token being used on a regional-specific platform that shares some of the same contracts such as staking, boarding and IUO.

A lot is happening up from and behind the scenes to become a global powerhouse. It is going to be a fun expansion!

Question #3: Was Kennels first IUO Cross-chain DEX later include staking and yield farming?

Rick: Our first IUO was Deez Mutts. We all thought it was going to be a Meme Coin. But many times, things that start as a meme coin, later evolve into so much more.

DeezMutts.com is their website and you can go there and actually trade across BSC. I know they just finished testing on the KCC Network and MATIC should be coming soon. It will have 3 different swaps for 3 different Blockchains in a single hub.

One of the most frustrating things for projects is when you’re looking to launch because it is hard for people to find you because you’ve not native.

One of the things that Deez Mutts is doing for projects is working with them to get them native on their swap hub so communities out there will be able to locate them and trade them much easier and faster because in Crypto. Time is money and you can miss out on something looking to mess with the contracts on PanCakeSwap, as we all know.

Question #4: Smart contracts are prone to bugs, even recently 3 major DeFi projects fell victim to them. How do you deal with that? Do you have plans for Burns, Buyback or Locking tokens to increase value?

Rick: That is definitely a problem. But we have had our Smart contracts fully audited. Solidity Finance. The Token Kennels Contract itself is a fork, a battle-tested contract as is.

You also asked about burns, buybacks and locking tokens in order to increase value. We definitely have plans in looking to increase value. The Token Kennel Token itself is a 15 million circulating supply max. 10% was burned right out of the gate to start that deflationary nature.

There is a 10 per cent transactional fee, buy sell and transfer that is distributed to all holders. Including the burn address and including the staking pool. Every single transaction across the Kennel token, not only removes currency from circulation but increases the staking pool and the APY.

In addition to that, the Kennel buybacks. We have a Kennel Vote for all the other projects out there. They get 10% of Kennels revenue. The Kennel Token itself gets a whopping 40% buyback. 30% goes to premium staking with 10% going to regular staking. Each of these pools has various fees and rewards etc.

The Majority of our tokens are locked. They are locked in the staking contracts and staking pools already.

So all 3 of those things. Yes, yes and yes!

Question #5: For any Crypto project. 1% of the project is from the idea itself and 99% is from the execution. I’ve seen many projects fail due to a severe lack of understanding of the Cryptoverse itself. Do you have a qualified team in order to fulfil your goals?

Rick: I couldn’t agree more. And that is something that I take a lot of pride in myself. In really understanding what the Cryptosphere is and what the people want. Understanding how it works out there. Being able to adapt and adjust as things come up.

When it comes to 99% execution and 1% is the idea. That is so true and it gets lost on so many projects out there. You go onto a telegram channel and there are all these promises and this entire roadmap. But there is no way of actually making that all come true.

Before we put anything on a roadmap at the Token Kennel we’re pretty much done already. We’re known for a bit of underpromising and overdelivering. We are known for our surprises. We don’t announce anything until we know that it is ready.

What separates us from a lot of projects our there that announce things before they even know how to apply them. Just because they feel as though their community needs news just to stay interested.

We are so focused on the actual development of the project right now. This isn’t about a Token price for us. This is about building an entire ecosystem of multiple platforms across all blockchains. That really is our ultimate goal here.

In Closing…

A brilliant interview with the light-hearted, highly intelligent and incredibly bullish Crypto Rick. Giving us an exciting insight into his life and brand as well as highlighting the innovative ideas behind the Token Kennel project and the bright future in store.

We thank him for joining us at the MoonWilly Radio Hour and eagerly look forward to seeing what’s next from Crypto Rick and the Token Kennel Team!

To the Moon and Beyond! #MOONWILLY $MOONWILLY