MoonWilly v2 Smart Contract Migration

We have the most amazing community ever, and we’d like to thank you all for your patience and support while we transition to Version 2 . We would also like to thank Certik, RD Auditors, and various consultants for their expertise and support in collaborating with us during this transition period. The vulnerability with the dividend tracker has been resolved, liquidity is still locked, and funds are still SAFU. This transition was a long 2 weeks, however we used it as an opportunity to improve MoonWilly. v2 has subtle changes, which are essential as they enable Moonwilly with more options in use-cases in the future (all we can say without giving too much away); although subtle, these upgrades make us much more competitive and very dynamic. These upgrades will also improve our ability to maintain MoonWilly for the long term aiding in sustainable growth. In this announcement, we discuss MoonWilly v2 migration.

Beginning on September 13 at 1600 UTC, Moonwilly v1 will officially migrate to v2. Users will have a total of 3 days to swap their v1 tokens for v2 tokens.

Migration will conclude on September 16 at 1930 UTC. You will not be able to swap v1 for v2 after this time has passed, please do not miss this.

Trading on MoonWilly v2 will officially begin on September 16 at 1930 UTC.

A new and improved v2 smart contract will support the following additional features making us more dynamic, enabling more use-cases, and enhancing our security.

1) Dynamic fee customization. We can now customize the fee percentages for our tokenomics; for example, we can change DAI rewards from 8% to 10% or customize auto liquidity, auto burn, and marketing. Fees will only be adjusted upon voting by our community.

2) Disabled Transfer Tax between All wallets. This upgrade makes us very competitive, opening up the possibility of more use-cases; for example, Merchants can now accept MoonWilly tokens without transfer taxes, we now have the option for farming (this is not confirmation of a farm in our road map), etc.. Moreover, this change gives us many options to include in our road map.

3) Updateable minimum MNWL tokens needed to receive DAI rewards. This feature will only be adjusted after voting by our community.

4) Blacklist and Whitelist wallets from all fees. This upgrade makes us more competitive and it is also required for maintenance. For example, we need a feature like this as some exchanges may require it, i.e.. market markers etc.. We also need this for testing our use cases. This feature will not be used without community knowledge.

5) Updatable, trading enabled, and disabled. Required for maintenance.

6) Updatable dividend tracker address. Required for maintenance.

7) New Ticker: $MOONWILLY

Detailed migration instructions will be posted in less than 12 hrs. Beginning on September 13 at 1600 UTC, all Moonwilly v1 (MNWL) token holders are required to migrate to the new smart contract (v2) to receive replacement tokens. Users will not be able to receive replacement tokens after September 16 at 1930 UTC has passed. Please do not miss this.

Founders will be available everyday on live VC at 1800 UTC for comments and questions. Our Admins are also available anytime, 24/7, in our Telegram.

To the Moon and Beyond! #MOONWILLY $MOONWILLY