🟢There will be an upgrade:

🔵Change from 10k tokens to 250K $MoonWilly tokens to be eligible for receiving $DAI rewards starting from Monday 8-Nov 18.30UTC, we will start the VoiceChat 30MIn before at 18:00UTC

✅Some benefits for the #250kMoonWillionaireClub will be:
◽️-Auto Whitelisted for minting when the NFT’s are ready
♦️-Any upcoming Future partnerships/events/giveaways/privileges priority for the #250kMoonWillionaireClub
⚪️Only Holders are eligible to participate in future WhiteList Spots of AMA’s

AMA Founder of DFYN & Router

Today we are joined by Ramani Ramachandran, Founder of DFYN & Router. Mr Ramachandran will be talking about one of the most interesting new platforms set to launch across Crypto and its close integrations with his previous DFNY Platform.

With a strong focus on Cross-chain support and bridging the gaps…

AMA Co-Founder Daniel Kennedy

Today we are joined by Daniel Kennedy, Co-Founder of Netvrk that will be taking us through one of the most empowering and revolutionary new platforms aimed towards the NFT sector. The Netvrk system relies on some very high-tech integrations and has a full release set for early 2022.

Stay tuned…

Pocket Arena, Mobile-First NFT Gaming Platform for Esports powered by #POC TG http://t.me/swisspoc
• Pocket Arena v1 launched in 2019 and had over 20k sign ups.
• Selected as Facebook Games Partner
• Has its own wallet which is currently live
• Focusing on mobile users instead of PC users
• Acquired international brands as customers including Febreze, KFC, Bachmann, Kinder Joy, Kia Motors, Fluke and many more..
• 40+ senior game development team and blockchain engineers.
• Mobile game dev studio with a proven track record of over 16 years.

Pocket Arena

Website: https://pocketarena.com/
📅 When: Oct 21 at 1800 UTC
ℹ️ Where: https://t.me/moonwillyproject
How: via live Voice Chat
$20 in DAI will be paid per question selected. (5 questions total)

Pocoland AMA

Today we are joined by Frizzy and Ricardo, two members of the Pocoland team. Talking to us about one of the most interesting new gaming ecosystems set to launch across the Binance Smart Chain Network.

A brilliant NFT-based title with some interesting DeFi features. Bringing concepts such as staking, minting…

Co-Founder Michael Wagner joins us

Today we are joined by Michael Wager, one of the Founders behind the highly anticipated Star Atlas project. Looking to bring a high-quality, Triple-A gaming title to the Decentralized Landscape.

Stay tuned and pay close attention, this is an AMA you do not want to miss!


MoonWilly Founder and CEO…

The Token Kennel Ecosystem

Today we are joined by Crypto Rick, A Crypto Influencer and Analyst that also serves as an advisor to the exciting new Token Kennel Project. Joining us today and discussing one of the most exciting new platforms launched across Crypto. …

Crypto is spreading and so is the MantraDAO Ecosystem

Today we are joined by JP Mullin, Co-Founder of the MantraDAO project. Talking about one of the most interesting and all-encompassing platforms that has hit Crypto. Offering a variety of features to its many, many users with a plethora of additions set to arrive.

Stay tuned and pay close attention…


To the Moon and Beyond! #MOONWILLY $MOONWILLY

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